- Transportation Services

Transportation Services is our best-practise North American freight brokerage division that leverages cross-dock, warehouse facilities, and transportation networks to our clients’ advantage.

The biggest benefit to our clients is managing their more intricate requirements, and programs requiring in depth planning and execution with multiple carriers, origins and destinations. To serve our clients to the fullest, we also provide more transactional point A to B, LTL and truckload shipping.

Operating as a non-asset based transport provider, we have long-standing carrier relationships that go back decades. We serve all North America and have access to every equipment type from flat decks to heavy haul, and heater vans to logistics-equipped 53’ plate vans. We give clients the real time visibility they need and also integrate our Vanguard Ship+ technology when appropriate. As with our other services, the more complex and detailed the execution required, the more our experienced team shines… Vanguard Delivers!